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Months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to the Grand Opening of Juice Time.

The Journey to Juice Time for me began while overseas. While serving my third overseas tour with the U.S. Army, my idea for the brand came to mind while on night shift as the night shift (SOG) Sergeant of the Guard. The night shift was very uneventful and caused for lots of downtime. A colleague of mine inquired about starting a drop shipping business also known as a 3rd party vendor, while the idea seemed interesting; I didn't like the idea of selling merchandise he never touched. My reason for that is, there's no real customer service. How does one speak on a product he never seen when the item doesn't make it to the consumer? Shortly after doing some research, I decided I would create a brand that would not only express my styles of fashion but create the opportunity to share my ideas with the world. It wasn't long before I began to create a load of designs and have T-shirts and shorts manufactured that would put those ideas on display for the world to see. Starting my brand came with hardships that were great learning experiences, but as I always say "I never really lose I just learn" and on this journey I've learn a great deal of information. I'm sure there will be more speed bumps but I'm ready for it. In my next blog I will talk about the setbacks and hardships faced while starting my business that will hopefully reach other aspiring designers. I wish someone told me these things but being ignored by others who have the same job and being withheld from helpful information was just part of the process.   



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